Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How much does a security system cost?
A – Unlike our competitors, our systems are custom designed to each application. Prices vary according to the amount of equipment installed.

Q – Will I see any exposed wires?
A – No, as we are concealed wiring specialists, all wiring in your residence is installed in attics, basements and fished through your walls. In the case where hiding wires is impossible, there are wireless detection devices available.

Q – How long does an alarm installation take?
A – It can range between 5-6 hours to as long as 3-4 days depending upon the amount of equipment being installed.

Q – Can I use my alarm while I’m home?
A – Yes, our systems offer easy arming while occupying or vacating your premises. Motion detectors are disabled while you are in protected areas.

Q – What happens if I set of my alarm by mistake?
A – The central station will call you, giving you a chance to present a pre-arranged password, in the event of no answer or the wrong password is given, the police are dispatched immediately. With the correct password provided, no emergency action is taken. This minimizes false alarms to the authorities.
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